I have written inspirational material for the printed version of the Weigh-less magazine since 2002.  Weigh-less found me and asked me to write for them as one of their staff members was on my database of 3200 women I was writing free inspirational newsletter for on a weekly basis.

I have also written for some newspapers and am now in the process of finishing my book called Inpsannity (a play on the word INSANE mooshed with my surname which is PSANNIS) and it looks at my recent insane journey through cancer.  As soon as it is finished (and it’s not simply because at this stage I don’t feel like the entire journey is over yet as I have a few more mole cuttings out to do before it is) I will send 10 of my website visitors a free copy.

I also have written a number of personalised illustrated kids stories which are purchased online and printed off on your side – so no shipping, no waiting and most importantly the original stories feature your child as the star (Disney has nothing on me!) :-)


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